CoShip is a professional solution company for maritime sectors

that has been established and operating from Istanbul since 2019

About CoShip

Coship is a company that has been providing services in ship technical management, crew manning, and shipping agency since 2019. We are dedicated to delivering industry-leading solutions and excellent service to our clients. With our experienced team and comprehensive industry knowledge, we assist our customers in the maritime sector with expertise.

Coship ensures operational excellence for ship owners through high-quality services in ship technical management. We specialize in ship maintenance, logistics management, supply chain coordination, safety inspections, and regulatory compliance. Keeping up with the latest innovations in the maritime industry, we develop solutions using cutting-edge technologies to enhance the efficiency and performance of vessels.

In crew manning, we excel at providing ship owners with qualified and experienced personnel. Leveraging our extensive network in the maritime sector and a selective recruitment process, we supply ship owners with skilled crew members tailored to their specific requirements. We also prioritize the training and development of our crew, ensuring ship owners have a reliable and capable team to work with.

Additionally, we offer shipping agency services, providing logistical support to our clients. We specialize in port operations, ship agency, customs procedures, and other maritime services. By delivering customized solutions based on our clients' needs, we help make their journeys seamless and efficient.

At Coship, we continuously strive to maintain customer satisfaction and promptly respond to the evolving needs of the maritime industry. We remain committed to being a reliable partner that offers customized solutions to meet your needs. Leveraging our expertise and resources, we provide the necessary support for our clients to go even further.


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