As a company operating in the maritime industry, Coship places great importance on the management of ship crews and personnel policies. At Coship, we embrace the following crew policy to ensure the effective and efficient management of ship personnel:

Selection of Qualified and Experienced Personnel: Coship prioritizes the selection of qualified and experienced personnel when forming ship crews. A rigorous selection process is followed to ensure that ship personnel possess the necessary training, certifications, and experience.

Personnel Training and Development: Coship aims to provide ongoing training and support for the professional development of its personnel. We organize training programs and offer opportunities for our employees to stay updated with the latest developments in the maritime industry.

Safe and Healthy Working Environment: Coship takes necessary measures to ensure that ship personnel work in a safe and healthy environment. We implement safety procedures and occupational health policies that comply with international standards.

Personnel Communication and Motivation: Coship encourages open communication channels and maintains regular communication with ship personnel. We listen to their opinions, provide feedback, and organize various programs and activities to keep them motivated.

Compliance with Human Rights and Labour Standards: Coship is committed to respecting human rights and adhering to international labour standards. We work diligently to ensure job security, fair working conditions, and equal opportunities for our personnel.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Coship promotes diversity and inclusivity, supporting ship personnel from diverse cultural, ethnic, and gender identities. We do not tolerate discrimination and value the participation of every employee.

At Coship, we strive for excellence by focusing on the safety, well-being, and efficiency of ship personnel. We continuously review and improve our crew policy to provide the best support and working environment for our personnel.


Coship, as a company operating in the maritime industry, values and supports the continuous training and development of ship personnel. Our Crew Training policy encompasses the following principles to strengthen the professional capabilities of our personnel, enhance safety, and ensure operational efficiency:

Training Needs Analysis: Coship conducts regular training needs analysis to identify the training requirements of ship personnel. These analyses are used to assess their current skills and identify areas for development.

Appropriate Training Programs: Coship designs and implements training programs that are tailored to the needs of ship personnel. These training programs cover the latest techniques, safety standards, and industry regulations in the maritime sector.

On-the-Job Training and Application: Coship provides on-the-job training and application opportunities to enhance the practical skills of personnel. This enables them to apply theoretical knowledge in real work environments.

Training Materials and Resources: Coship provides necessary training materials and resources to support personnel training. This may include written materials, e-learning platforms, simulation tools, and other training technologies.

Competence of Trainers: Coship ensures that trainers have the necessary competence and experience by adhering to quality standards. Trainers consist of experts who stay updated with the latest developments in the industry and possess up-to-date knowledge.

Monitoring Training Performance: Coship monitors and evaluates the training performance of personnel. This includes regular feedback and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of training outcomes and take corrective measures when needed.

At Coship, we are committed to the continuous training and development of our personnel. Our Crew Training policy plays a significant role in enhancing their competencies, raising safety standards, and optimizing job performance.